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New York Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

We are so grateful and proud to be a provider of very affordable Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance to the film, movie, and entertainment industry in New York. We have insured a wide variety of film, movie, and entertainment productions throughout the state.  We are able to fulfill requirements set forth by distributors and broadcasters of all types.

Undoubtedly, the film industry plays a key role in the economy and drives a huge network of individuals, vendors, artists, creators, producers, and visionaries together to create the images and tell the stories that compose the very fabric of our culture. New York has a deep history of theatrical art and sets the standard worldwide and is the inspiration of a generation of brilliant people in every related field.

New York Department of Labor regarding licensing:

New York Events involving alcohol-->

New York Event permits for Parks -->

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With such incredible cities as New York, Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond,Buffalo, Erie, Rochester, Monroe,Yonkers, Westchester, Syracuse, Onondaga, and Albany finding locations and talent should be a cinch.

The most incredible films have been made in New York, including When Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters, and Do the Right Thing; the list is considerable--> ~
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